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  • Last Week's Show

    What are Required Minimum Distributions and how are they taxed and calculated?

    How can you plan for monthly retirement withdrawals from your nest egg?
    Gary explains what required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are and how they may affect your retirement strategy.


  • This Week's Show

    Are you saving enough to get your 401(k) match? What more should you do to save for retirement?
    Gary discusses savings options outside of your 401(k) and options for savers when they get closer to retirement.

    Is retirement the secret to a happier and healthier life?
    Gary discusses how planning is key to retiring confidently. Helping you be happier and healthier in retirement.

  • Next Week's Show

    When should you start taking Social Security?  Age 62? Age 66?
    Gary discusses ways to help protect and increase your Social Security income depending on your situation.

    Can you continue to work while receiving early or traditional Social Security benefits?
    Gary discusses common terms the Social Security Administration utilizes, like suspending, deferring, recalculating, and post disability.

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Master your retirement strategy with an experienced firm that customizes their services according to your needs.

Masters Wealth Management has over 35 years of experience in the wealth planning industry and 30 years providing financial advice on the radio. We provide customized financial plans for every individual, family, and business owner.*

At Masters Wealth Management, we help individuals through the difficult and rewarding market conditions. Our team helps people like you protect and manage wealth through sound and practical investment advice.

*We factor in risk tolerances, liquid net worth, time horizons, tax brackets, liquidity needs, age and much more in presenting with a financial plan.

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