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Gary Mastrodonato has helped hundreds of people throughout the country retire safely. As a fiduciary advisor, he is focused on the well-being and happiness of his clients rather than pitching products. Every week on his radio show, “Mastering Your Money,” he discusses new trends in the market as well as tips for pre- and current retirees on how to best succeed in retirement.

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  • Last Week's Show

    Gary interviews with Kevin Lacz, former Navy SEAL and author of the New York Times best selling book; The Last Punisher, A SEAL Team Three snipers true account of the battle of Ramadi this weekend. Kevin also played himself in the movie American Sniper and was a technical advisor for Bradley Cooper (played Chris Kyle) and Clint Eastwood (director).

    Gary and Kevin talk about the book, the movie and transitioning for the military to civilian life.  Tune In!


  • This Week's Show

    Gary tackles the discussion of how healthcare affects your retirement.  He talks about how saving for retirement might be easier than you think if you know how much money you’ll actually need!  He speaks on this hot topic.  Click here to read more…


  • Next Week's Show

    When should you start taking Social Security?  Age 62? Age 66?
    Gary discusses ways to help protect and increase your Social Security income depending on your situation.

    Can you continue to work while receiving early or traditional Social Security benefits?
    Gary discusses common terms the Social Security Administration utilizes, like suspending, deferring, recalculating, and post disability.

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Watch Gary’s Interview with Navy SEAL Kevin Lacz

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